REDCON-1 Ultimate Fan Edition DVD

REDCON-1 Ultimate Fan Edition DVD

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The 'Redcon-1' Ultimate Fan Edition DVD is one for true Zombie fans! Bursting like a Zombie's mouth full of brains with an incredible assortment of exclusive limited edition collector's items!

Gain exclusive insight behind the scenes of one of the UK's most ambitious Zombie films with a limited edition glossy 48-page booklet, featuring never before seen photos, cast & crew biographies, director's notes and photos of our amazing extras, this is a MUST-HAVE for any film fan's collection!

Also included is a set of 6 art cards featuring the Special Forces team and a horde of attacking Zombies, a large glossy film poster and an exclusive 'Redcon-1' t-shirt emblazoned with the film's logo.

This Ultimate Fan Edition is limited to just 50 copies, so get yours quick!

For the specific content exclusive to the DVD, please see the description below.

The 'Redcon-1' DVD is packed full with 63 minutes of amazing special features, including deleted scenes, trailers, a photo gallery, 'making of' documentary and on-set interviews with the cast & crew, including a one-on-one with Kevin Eastman, co-creator of 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', and executive producer of 'Redcon-1'. You can also follow the story behind the dedicated community of extras who made 'Redcon-1' possible, and witness the fan's reaction as the 'Redcon-1' tour travelled the UK upon its release, screening at Raindance and Bodypower. Exclusive to the DVD only are fight choreography, training, weaponry, 'Love on Set' and 'Martials Arts in the Community' featurettes, and a fascinating insight into the make-up FX process, plus a selection of interviews with Broughton House War Veterans.


Please note: The DVD is Region 2 (Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa and Greenland)